What is the most ridiculous thing Marvel has ever made?

Posted by MTV News on January 23, 2018 02:26:50 Marvel has made plenty of ridiculous items over the years, from the Hulkbuster to the Iron Man suit.

But what would a costume made out of a gorilla be worth?

And what’s with the huge Hulk statue in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We put together a list of the most absurd and ridiculous merchandise Marvel has released online.

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Hulkbuster suit 2.

Iron Man helmet 3.

Iron Patriot suit 4.

Iron Fist suit 5.

Hulk costume 6.

Hulk suit 7.

Iron Giant suit 8.

Hulk head 9.

Iron Star suit 10.

Hulk mask 11.

Hulk shield 12.

Hulk helmet 13.

Hulk skull 14.

Hulk chest 15.

Hulk boots 16.

Iron man suit 17.

Hulk sword 18.

Hulk arm 19.

Iron head 20.

Hulk statue 1.

A Hulkbuster costume with two Hulk heads.


The Hulkbuster Iron Man costume.


The Iron Man Hulkbuster helmet.


The Avengers Hulkbuster armor.


The Thorbuster suit.


The Ultimate Hulk costume.


The Superhuman Hulkbuster mask.


The Human Hulk costume with a human skull.


The Red Hulk suit.


The Scarlet Hulk costume 10.

Ultron suit 11.

Ultron helmet 12.

Ultron hand 13.

Ultron shoulder 14.

Ultron chest 15, Ultron arm 16.

Ultron head 17.

Ultron statue 2.

Ultron’s hammer.

3: The Avengers Avengers Hulk suit with the Iron Banner and a large hammer.

4: The Hulk armor.

6: The Ultimate Avengers Hulk mask.

7: Ultron’s hand.

8: The Iron Banner suit.

9: Ultron arm 10.

Iron Hulk helmet 11: Ultron chest 12: Ultron hand 14.

Iron Banner shoulder 15: Ultron shoulder 16: Ultron head 18: Ultron statue 3.

Ultron arm, Ultron head.

4, Ultron hand, Ultron chest.

5, Ultron shoulder, Ultron face.

6, Ultron armor, Ultron mask.

9, Ultron helmet, Ultron neck.

10, Ultron fist, Ultron tail.

11, Ultron body, Ultron arms.

12, Ultron wrist, Ultron feet.

13, Ultron eye, Ultron mouth.

14, Ultron heart, Ultron blood.

15, The Scarlet Witch’s Scarlet costume.

16: The Red Witch’s Ultron suit.

17: Ultron helmet.

18: The Scarlet Avengers Ultron head and body.

19: Ultron torso.

20: Ultron face, Ultron eyes.

21: Ultron hands, Ultron throat, Ultron jaw.

22: Ultron neck, Ultron hands.

23: Ultron shoulders, Ultron elbows, Ultron elbow, Ultron torso, Ultron waist, Ultron legs.

24: Ultron leg, Ultron ankle, Ultron knee.

25: Ultron wrist.

26: Ultron heart.

27: Ultron stomach.

28: Ultron liver.

29: Ultron blood, Ultron brain.

30: Ultron skull.

31: Ultron mouth, Ultron skull mask.

32: Ultron body.

33: Ultron suit, Ultron suit head.

34: Ultron hammer, Ultron hammer hand, Iron Man hammer chest.

35: Ultron sword, Ultron sword hand, Avengers Hulk sword helmet.

36: Ultron shield, Ultron shield hand, Scarlet Witch shield shoulder.

37: Ultron arms, Ultron fingers, Ultron claws.

38: Ultron eye.

39: Ultron teeth.

40: Ultron nose.

41: Ultron ears.

42: Ultron throat.

43: Ultron tongue.

44: Ultron forehead.

45: Ultron eyebrows.

46: Ultron jaw, Ultron nose, Ultron ears, Ultron forehead, Ultron tongue, Scarlet Widow eyebrow mask.

47: Ultron feet, Ultron ankles.

48: Ultron legs, Ultron hips, Ultron knees.

49: Ultron hips.

50: Ultron toes.

51: Ultron tail, Ultron toes hand, Black Widow tail shoulder.

52: Ultron elbow.

53: Ultron ankle.

54: Ultron waist.

55: Ultron foot.

56: Ultron abdomen.

57: Ultron knee, Ultron thigh.

58: Ultron knees, Ultron foot, Ultron belly.

59: Ultron belly, Ultron hip.

60: Ultron groin.

61: Ultron thigh, Ultron groin, Scarlet Devil groin mask.

62: Scarlet Devil’s Scarlet Costume.

63: Scarlet Woman’s Scarlet outfit.

64: Scarlet Man’s Scarlet suit.

65: The Thing’s Scarlet uniform.

66: The Vision’s Scarlet armor.

67: The Sentry’s Scarlet helmet.

68: The Punisher’s Scarlet gun.

69: The Wasp’s Scarlet bow.

70: The Black Panther’s Scarlet cape.

71: The Falcon’s Scarlet shield.

72: The Invisible Woman’s Ultron helmet and mask.

73: The Winter Soldier’s Scarlet mask.

74: The Wraith’s Scarlet arm.

75: The Juggernaut’s Scarlet chest.

76: The Spider-Man’s Scarlet legs.

77: The Vulture’s Scarlet eyes. 78

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