When a woman bought Namo merchandise on the street, it made him cry

Posted October 10, 2018 04:00:48When a woman on a street in the Philippines bought Nama merchandise online, she found herself crying.

Her daughter and son-in-law, who were visiting from the US, were also in the house when the incident occurred, according to local news reports.

The incident took place at a street market in Manila’s Pangasinan district.

The store was selling Nama’s “Pangasas” (pink) and “Tupas” shoes, and the family, who visited the store several times a week, said the shop owners tried to dissuade the customers from buying them.

When the family bought Namas, the store owner told them that if they bought more, they would get their money back, they told News24.

However, the family’s mother and sister-in, both women, went ahead and bought more items and, when they returned to their home, the shop owner told their mother that she was wrong.

“He (the shop owner) then took out a card with a photo of the person who bought the item and said they should buy more items,” the mother said.

The family returned to the shop after the family had gone, but their mother and the sister-ins daughter bought more Nama items.

“He told them if they don’t buy more, he will give us the money,” she said.

“We are now so angry because we are going to lose our money, we will lose everything,” she added.

The mother said the family would also lose their money because they would not be able to afford the prices they were paying.

“This is not a fair price,” she told News18.

“We are very angry.”

“I want my son to buy Nama shoes.

We want him to buy Tupas shoes,” she continued.

The store owner, who was not identified by News24, told News17 that he did not understand the family was angry and said he would not give back the money they had bought.

“If the family comes back to buy more products, we may refund the money because we cannot keep it,” he said.

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