The new Barbie: The first woman to own a Barbie, but not one from a man, is a smart, thoughtful person, writes Lisa Bresch

Barbie, the world’s most popular doll, has become a woman’s favorite doll.

That may seem surprising, given that it has always been a man’s favorite toy, but that’s not the only gender-neutral character Barbie has always embodied.

When she first launched, Barbie was a man.

Barbie’s character, Lisa Bresh, who would become Barbie herself, was a lesbian.

But then, in 1989, she became a woman.

In 1992, she was married to David Simon, a gay man, and became a mom.

The world has changed.

In 2016, Barbie went back to being a man with the debut of a woman, Lisa, in the form of Barbie Dolls, a line of dolls that featured a new line of toys that were marketed to women.

These were dolls made to look and act like a Barbie doll, but they were not designed to resemble a Barbie.

Instead, they were meant to look like dolls that were more “realistic” than the dolls they were modeled after.

These dolls were meant for women.

And they were designed to be gender-less, to feel like a doll.

But Lisa Besh was not a woman who belonged in this new line, and so she decided that she could not wear a pink dress, or wear a dress made from recycled fabric, or even wear a Barbie shirt that was made out of plastic.

Lisa wanted a Barbie that was not just a woman—she wanted one that was also a feminist, a woman with a feminist voice.

And so she created a new Barbie, Lisa Barbie, a girl who was a woman and who was not only a feminist in terms of her feminist principles, but also a mother and a human being who was feminist in the way that she was an ally, and who embodied feminism and wanted to help other women.

Lisa Beschen, who went on to work as an activist for gender equality and gender equity at the Human Rights Campaign, is the author of the book The Gender Revolution: From Barbie to the Feminine Mystique and The Gender War: The Rise of Feminism in America.

Lisa and I were discussing how Barbie, as a doll, was created.

And what I thought was fascinating was that the dolls were designed by people who were not feminists.

They were not part of a movement that wanted to change the world, or a movement, or change the way women were treated.

They are simply dolls and not women.

They had no idea what it meant to be a woman or to be in a relationship.

Lisa thinks the idea of creating a doll that represented feminism was so radical that it was just a matter of time before Barbie had to change.

That’s why she came up with a plan.

She told me that she decided to do something about the dolls that didn’t feel like the Barbie that we know.

She said that she would make them “more gender neutral.”

Lisa Bretch is the executive director of the Center for Gender Equity at the University of North Carolina.

She and I had a long discussion about the idea that gender and gender neutrality is important for children’s toys.

Lisa said that there is a long tradition of doll design that is gender neutral, which is to make dolls that are gender-equal.

And she and I agreed that it would be important for kids to have dolls that reflected the world they lived in as well as their aspirations.

Lisa also said that children need dolls that reflect their inner selves and their aspirations, so that they can be themselves.

I think it’s really important for the next generation of kids to understand that Barbie is not a doll for them to play with, and that it is not something that they want to wear, and it’s not something they can take out of the house and wear.

We really wanted to make sure that Barbie was not the one that would be their Barbie, and she was not their Barbie.

So we worked very closely with the dolls to make the dolls as gender-specific as possible.

And when you look at these dolls, you can see a very, very different Barbie than what you have seen before.

She is very girlish, very tomboyish, and has a feminine voice.

The doll is very, not just feminine, but very very feminine in terms that is different than the Barbie we see in the marketplace today.

The dolls are not just for children, they are also great for people to shop for.

Lisa explained that when the toys were released in 1989 they had only been available in stores for a couple of years.

That is, they had not been designed to sell as many toys.

But when Lisa and the other leaders of the Human Resources department at the company were asked about it, they all said, Yes, it’s a very special time, because this is our first time

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