Why China isn’t the Islamic State’s biggest fan of Donald Trump

China has long been a source of anxiety for the U.S. but not all of it is a result of Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. 

“It’s the Chinese, they’re not the Islamic state,” said Ali Abunimah, a Middle East expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“They’re not involved in the Middle East.

They’re not a country that’s going to go out and take over the world.” 

The China threat to the U, Abunis view of the region and the way the world is moving is not the same as the Muslim one.

The Chinese are not the most fanatical or violent of Muslims, and they are not Islamic. 

But they do see their own Islamic ideology as a threat. 

“[The Chinese] see the Middle Eastern states as a potential competitor for the Muslim world, and so they’re concerned that the United States will make its position in the region stronger,” Abunimi said. 

Abunimahs views have been supported by many in the Muslim community in the United State, who are concerned that China will try to take over and control the Middle-East through its economic and military might. 

China’s military has been ramping up its presence in the Asian and Pacific region, with plans to build bases and other facilities across the region. 

Last week, a Chinese warship entered the South China Sea in an attempt to assert its claims to a tiny piece of water that China calls the East China Sea.

China has denied the allegations and has warned that any actions in the South Sea are illegal. 

The United States has also taken a tough stance on China in recent years. 

In December, President Donald Trump said that China should not be allowed to “take over” the Pacific, which he said was “locked up.” 

In the U!

S., Abunimo says that the U., by focusing on a Chinese threat to dominate the world, is “blaming the victims” of Islamic extremism on the U while failing to acknowledge the role of the U in the global economy. 

Abe said the United Nations should focus on preventing extremism in the world and the Middle Asia region, not focusing on China. 

U.S.-China relations have been strained over the past few years.

Abunims views on U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres have been questioned by many on the right over the recent anti-Trump protests. 

Trump has not been happy about Abe and Abe has not said that he has made peace with Trump. 

It is hard to see a solution for a divided world without a U.U.N., Abuni said.

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