How to get the new Ranger and Ranger 2, plus the full trailer

In the final days before the launch of the new console, the game developers are still trying to find a way to sell the new game to a broad audience.

The last time we checked in on the Rangers franchise, we didn’t even have a good idea how the new generation of games would work, let alone what would be available.

But the developers have released a few teaser trailers and the trailer above shows a quick glimpse of what to expect from the new titles.

Rangers: The Video Game is set in a universe where the Rangers were created by the government and use a “military-style” armor called the Girdle of Might to protect them from alien attacks.

They also wield a powerful magical weapon called the Crystal Sword, which can cause earthquakes and cause fires.

The Rangers use a system of “drones” called “rangers,” which are miniature soldiers that have their own set of abilities and powers.

These “droid” robots will also be able to control the power of their weapons, and they can use their magic to cause earthquakes, create fires, and even attack other Rangers.

Ranger 2: The Game is a “new game” in the game’s title, but it’s not a re-release of the original.

The game is set to feature new gameplay elements like “ranger” drones and a “tactical-based combat system.”

It’s still not clear how Rangers 2 will be different from the original games, but the game will have some “new story elements” as well.

The game will also have a more open-ended story, which we’re not sure how that will change.

The full trailer also shows off a new character called “Jodie.”

It seems that Jodie will be a Ranger in the future, as she has a very different personality to the original Rangers.

She’s got a “doll-like” appearance, and she’s wearing a Ranger helmet and the Gjallarhorn on her back.

The trailer also gives us a closer look at Jodi’s “fearless” behavior.

The trailer also includes a new “pandemonium” sequence in which Rangers 2 uses the Crystal Swords to fight each other.

It looks like the action in this sequence will be pretty similar to that in the original game.

It’s not clear if this will be the final time we’ll see this sequence, but I’m hoping that it will at least show that the developers are working on something.

The Rangers 2: the Video Game trailer also confirms that the game is scheduled to launch sometime in 2018.

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