Heifer Online Merchandising Manager Says “I’m Not Gay”

A self-described “heifer” who works at an online clothing retailer said he recently received a letter from a customer asking if he would like to be made available for “sexual enhancement” by a “woman.”

The letter, sent by a customer, came with a “sexual evaluation” form and instructions on how to ask the customer if she is “homosexual or straight.”

“We’ve never really had a question about sexual orientation, but we do get questions like this,” said Heifer, who did not provide his last name.

“The woman says, ‘Do you like to have sex?’

‘No, no, it’s all about sex.’

She asks if we would be open to doing this for a short period of time, and if we’d be willing to do it for free.”

Heifer said he agreed to do the assessment for a few days, then said no.

“I don’t want to be sexually active, I don’t feel like it, so I don�t want to do this,” Heifer said.

This time the woman asked him to take a photo of himself. “

The next day, he received a different letter.

And then she asks if you want to come home with me and take off your clothes, and I said, `No, thank you.'” “

I said, ‘Well, I think you’re the best person for this,’ and she says, `I don�ve been asking that for years.’

And then she asks if you want to come home with me and take off your clothes, and I said, `No, thank you.'”

Heifer posted the photos on his blog and asked his followers to send him questions.

According to Heifer’s blog, the customer had a hard time understanding the questionnaire.

“She was so confused and I was just so glad that I could help her.

I was so happy,” Heiger said.

In the past, Heifer has worked with a customer to make his life easier.

He said he would go into the closet to find clothes to make himself feel less awkward.

But he said he didn’t do that at Heifer.com, where he said it would be easier to get away with the sexual enhancement request.

Instead, Heiger would use a dating site, which is a good idea when the customer is still unsure about their sexuality, but Heifer told me that there were several issues with the site that he wasn’t able to work out.

He said he thinks Heifer might be violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but he has not been able to determine the legal definition of what constitutes “sexual orientation” for reporting purposes.

He did, however, say he would look into it.

One issue that Heifer also had was with how the customer would be compensated.

The company is not disclosing any details on how much the man is paid, but the company told him that he was expected to cover expenses.

He also said that the company would not provide him with a paycheck or pay stub.

At the time of this story, Heifers website was down for maintenance.

A representative from Heifer declined to comment.

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