How to get your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C back online

There’s nothing like a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 6s to get people back online.

In fact, we have found that it’s the most popular way to get a phone back online after a lengthy period of time.

Here are some tips to get the iPhone back online quickly, so you can spend more time enjoying your smartphone.

If you’ve lost your phone, you can go to Settings > General > Restore to Stock and start from there.

You’ll see a menu of options that you can choose from.

This is the one that’s closest to the one you have when you first took your phone out of your pocket.

Tap Restore to restore your iPhone to the default settings, and then you’ll be back online to continue using your phone.

If your iPhone was a second generation device, then you can restore it to the current model.

This process is a little more complicated.

To restore your device to the old stock iPhone 6S, you’ll have to first restore your phone to a different stock version.

For example, if you’re on a stock iPhone 5, you should be able to restore the iPhone 5 to a stock version of 6S.

If not, you might need to restore it back to the stock iPhone 7S to restore any previous versions of the phone to stock.

You can use the Settings menu to choose the phone model you want to restore, and the Restore option will automatically select the model you have.

Tap the Restore button to begin.

Here, you may need to tap the Restore menu a few times to see it all in one place.

Once you’re finished, you will see your phone in the Restore screen.

If everything goes well, your phone should now be back up and running again.

If it doesn’t, then it might have an issue with the software that’s used to restore data from your device.

You will also need to turn off your computer to make sure it doesn.

Then, head over to Settings to go back to your previous settings.

You may need a second phone to get everything back to a new, stock state.

If all goes well and you have the second phone, then your iPhone will be back on its home screen and you can continue using it.

If this is the first time you’re having issues with restoring your iPhone, then we recommend using a different backup service to restore to stock, which is called iCloud backup.

If Apple doesn’t have a solution for your problem, it may be worth contacting Apple Support or the support site of your carrier.

If a support agent isn’t able to help you with the problem, then the best thing to do is contact your carrier directly.

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