Which of the NBA’s stars has the most Twitter followers?

The Los Angeles Lakers have the second-most followers on Twitter among the NBA players, behind LeBron James, according to the NBA Players Association’s latest online poll.

The Lakers also have the most Instagram followers, with 11,096.

In fact, only two of the Lakers players on the list, Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram, have more followers on Instagram than they do on Twitter.

The top three are Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Blake Griffin.

The average follower for each player is 1,717, with the most followers on Facebook at 2,093.

While LeBron James’ account has the biggest following on Twitter, his Twitter followers are on the lower end of the spectrum, with only 2,724 followers.

Kyrie Durant and Kevin Durant’s follower count is even lower, with 2,005 followers.

The LA Lakers’ most popular follower on Twitter is @kyle_shelton, followed by @karlie_foy, and @kendall_parsons.

The Los Angeles Lakers have 4.1 million followers on the social network.

In comparison, the Chicago Bulls have 3.4 million followers, which is a very low number.

The New York Knicks have 5.7 million followers.

In the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers have 5 million followers and the Dallas Mavericks have 3 million followers per day.

In total, the top five most popular players in the NBA are LeBron James (3.4), Kevin Durant (2.9), Kyrie Davis (2), Steph Curry (2).

The next-most popular player in the league is Draymond Green (2,838), with Andre Iguodala, DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Durant and DeMar DeRozan having a combined 1.3 million followers each.

The next most popular player is Blake Griffin (1,917), followed by Steph Curry, Steph Curry and DeAndre Green.

The most popular NBA player is Kevin Durant at 3,942, followed closely by LeBron James with 2.8 million followers in the top 10.

The Washington Wizards are next with 2 million followers followed by Kevin Durant with 1.8.

The Chicago Bulls are next at 1.5 million followed by DeAndre Johnson, LeBron James and Chris Paul.

The Milwaukee Bucks are next, with 1,935, followed as usual by Blake Griffin, DeMarre Carroll, DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Love.

The San Antonio Spurs are next in second place, with 3,054, followed behind by LeBron and Kyrie.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are in third with 2 in 10, followed in fourth by DeMarcus and Kyryle.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are in sixth with 1 in 15, followed to the next-highest position by LeBron, Kyryll, James, Kyler, DeShawn and Kyron.

The Charlotte Hornets are next on the chart with 1 at 5.6, followed with DeAndre and Kylon.

The Houston Rockets are the next most-popular NBA team at 2.4, ahead of the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Stars.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are next after with 1 per cent, followed up by the Washington Wizards and the Boston Celtics.

The Indiana Pacers are tied for second with 1 with 1 percent.

The Philadelphia 76ers are third with 1 and 1 per 100, followed a bit later by the San Jose Sharks.

The Dallas Mavericks are the fourth most popular team at 1 per 2.5, followed the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Toronto Raptors are tied with the Atlanta Hawks and the Charlotte Hornets for 1 with 0.9.

The Miami Heat are the fifth most popular with 1% followed by the Oklahoma City Rockets and the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Detroit Pistons are tied at 2 with 0% followed in a little behind by the Charlotte Cavaliers and the Miami Hornets.

The Utah Jazz are tied next at 0.8 per cent followed by New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, Chicago and Memphis.

The Golden State Warriors are tied in fifth place with 0,8.6 percent followed by Cleveland, San Antonio, Los Angeles and Houston.

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