What does ‘leftist’ mean and why do some sites hate it?

Posted by rick bannister on December 17, 2018 07:11:55Leftist sites have become a hot commodity on the Internet these days.They’re the bastions of the “leftist” brand of political activism, a term that’s usually used to describe a particular group or group of people.Some sites, such as the Daily Kos, are notorious for making a mockery […]

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Lego – Lego Wars: The Last Jedi – is an upcoming action-adventure film for Lego

Lego has announced a new line of online merchandise aimed at children aged 8-12 years old.Lego Warbands, a Lego themed merchandise line, is available online at Lego.com starting today, while the Warbands line, including toys, art, books, clothing and accessories, will be available later this year.The Lego Wars franchise has been one of the most […]

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Which Leftist Merchandisers Are Making The Most Online Merchandise?

We’ve compiled the top 20 leftist online merchandise sellers on the internet.There’s a lot of overlap between leftist merchandise brands and leftist websites, as evidenced by the fact that Amazon is one of the most prominent leftist online sellers of leftist products.Some of the products we’ve highlighted below may not even be leftist, but their […]

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Trump-backed golf equipment manufacturer has suspended sales online

Golf equipment manufacturer Airasia has suspended online sales of products with the word “Trump” on them.The company’s vice president of corporate communications, Julie A. Tullo, said in a statement Tuesday that the company’s sales of Trump golf equipment, including balls, helmets, and bags, are being suspended because of “disturbing” rhetoric that is currently being expressed […]

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How to Make Money Online: Don’t Forget Your Bookstore

A recent study suggests that online shopping habits can actually make you more likely to spend money online.And it’s all thanks to the internet.According to the study, which was published in the Journal of Marketing Research, the more you shop online, the less likely you are to spend the money you make online.The study examined […]

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